Dream Plus, formed in 2012 is a leading media company with film, television and digital, live theater and script writers divisions dedicated to producing content to mainstream audiences. With a focus on high-concept, market-driven entertainment, Dream Plus has established itself as a trusted brand in Japanese Entertainment. Since the launch of ACJ Entertainment -the development fund between US, China and Japan- Dream Plus will focus on co-production with Us, China, and other countries all over the world.

Motoko Kimura CEO

TV, Film, Theater creator/producer in Japan. She has experiences of working with all the major TV networks and studios in Japan. She is known as the creator/producer of “Pure Soul” (TV mini-series) and as the creator/associate producer of “A Moment to Remember” which made 35 million USD box office in Asia. Kimura’s specialty is her ability to craft an original story, discover new talent, and bring new experiences to audiences.


1998 KOORITSUKUNATSU (Creator/ Producer/mini-series)
2001 PURE SOUL (Creator/ Producer/mini-series)
2004 A MOMENT TO REMENBER (Creator/Associate producer /Korean film)
WONDERFUL LIFE (Producer/mini-series/Fuji-TV)
2004 KOIBUMI BIYORI (Producer/film/Cinequanon)
2005 JAPANESE HISTORY (Procuder/Special Drama/Fuji-TV)
2009 KAREN’S BIG SUCCESS (Producer/film/Go Cinema)
2010 YAMIKIN-USHIJIMA-KUN (Producer/mini-series/TBS)
2009 KOIKYOKUSEI (Producer/Film/Nikkatsu)
2011 SWITCH (Producer/Film/Face to Face)
2012 FALLEN ANGEL (Creator/Producer/mini-series/BS-Asahi)
2014 TOMORROW IS OURS (Creator/Producer/Film/T-Joy)
2014 LDK(Producer/Film/Toei)
2014 LINGERING SPIRIT (Creator/Producer/Film/Toei)
2015 KASEKINO HOHOEMI (Producer/mini-series/TV Asahi)
2015 GIRLS STEP (Producer/Film/Toei)
2015 HOTEL CONCIERGE (Creator/Producer/mini-series/TBS)
2017 KYO NO KIRA-KUN (Producer/Film/Showgate)
2017 FUKUMENKEI NOISE (Producer/Film/Shochiku)
2018 ANITOMO(Producer/Film/T-joy)
2019 KAKUGOHAIIKA SOKONOJYOSHI (Producer/Film/Toei mini-series/MBS)
2019 LDK2(Producer/Film/Toei)